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Hand Massage
Hand Treatment

 This treatment will nourish, recondition and refine your hands and arms. Beginning with an exfoliation from hand to elbow, a mask is then applied and serum to follow. Next is a deeply relaxing massage after which your hands and arms are wrapped in warmed towels to seal the in goodness, a luxurious hand cream will be applied to finish off this wonderful treatment! 20min/$20

The True Works

A two hour experience that is truly a work of art.

Encapsulating all your skincare needs from the top of your head to the souls of your feet. This service includes a facial, back treatment, and both hand and foot treatment for a day at the spa you won't soon forget.

Foot Treatment

The same care and process as a hand treatment but for your feet because they need love and attention too. Combining these services is also a great idea! 20min/$20

Essence Body Wrap

Our Essence Body Wrap is a nutrient-rich treatment, promoting a gentle detox and healing to our largest organ.

As we begin, dry brushing this will encourage circulation while also starting the exfoliation process and preparing your skin to absorb the essential minerals. Following will be the same care and steps as we would a traditional skin treatment: cleanse, exfoliate, mask-in this case special body warp mask that aids in deep nourishment and toning will be used. While the body mask is on we will cover and cocoon your body to draw out impurities and maximize benefits. Warm towels will remove product as will finish this hour treatment with a luxurious body moose or oil. This treatment will leave the skin soft, firm, radiant and visibly improved.


Back to Balance Back Treatment

​A wonderfully relaxing and purifying treatment for the often neglected back area. Cleansing, exfoliation, light massage, mask and moisturization rejuvenate and restore the skin! After this relaxing service, your back will look and feel great!


The True Makeover

This experience has FIVE carefully curated services neatly bundled to eliminate any guesswork for the perfect day of self care.

- True Essence Facial 

-3 choice wax

-Lash Lift

-Brow Tint 

-Hand and Foot Treatment 

Working together this 2 hour service will have you truly made over and feeling glorious!

Body Treatments


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